Friday, July 2, 2010

2 Things to Love Today (in pictures!)

Pretty fabric & sewing my very own (reversible!!) apron.

4 of (blobby) July nails!  
I couldn't find my dotter tool, so I decided to embrace the blobbiness of my shaky hand dots.

Does anyone else sew? I'm not the best, but I'm learning! My next project will be a quilt! I made one last summer, and it's almost finished and I'd like to try again now that I have a liiiiiittle bit more experience with the sewing machine.

What do you like making?


Sarah said...

Girl, I'm loving the fabric and your Silly Bandz!

Venassa said...

I don't sew but I think it would be a cool thing to know how to do. I've always wanted to learn how to knit as well.

Your nails are soo cute.