Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Couch to 5K - W3D2

Day 2 was a success! I even saw some sunshine and blue skies while I was out! Apart from the stich in my side and the tightness in my shins, I felt really good and I finished the run strong. For some reason these shorter intervals are just FLYING by! And I'm pretty sure I won't be saying that for much longer.

I left at 9 and was back by 9:30. According the my phone it's 46 degrees but with the sun it felt much warmer! I loved it.

Usually I'm a hip-hop/rap kinda girl while I'm running (we're talking Lil Wayne, Three 6 Mafia, etc) but today I wanted to try something a little more low-key.

Here's what I listened to:

  • So Much To Say - Dave Matthews Band
  • If You See Kay - The Script
  • Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
  • Who Says - John Mayer
  • Sound of Settling - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Body Language (Remix) - Jesse McCartney ft. T-Pain (okay, I had a litttttle bit of my usual!)
  • One Less Lonely Girl - Justin Bieber (Yikes!)

Certainly a departure from my usual, that's for sure! I wasn't sure if this kind of music would keep me going (or motivated), but it totally did! And I've gotta admit it's way easier to listen to John Mayer first thing in the AM than it is to hear Lil Jon screaming in your ear.

I'm thinking I'll try some country music on Friday?