Friday, April 30, 2010

Couch to 5K - W3D3

Week 3 is DUNZO!

Today's run went super well. I was up and out the door by 9:10 and back by 9:35. Not too shabby!

When I left it was 47 degrees, but by the time I got back it had warmed up to 50. BUT. WINDY! The wind wasn't consistently bad, but every once in a while there'd be a gust that almost knocked me off my feet. I felt like Mary Poppins.

What else? Oh, I wore some gloves today. My fingers get cold extreeeeeemely easily, so I decided to see if gloves would help. They were exactly what I needed!

Three things though:
1. Gloves + iPhones don't work. I knew this ahead of time but that didn't stop me from trying!
2. Yes, you can put your hair up in a ponytail wearing gloves.
3. Gloves + Short sleeves + shorts = pure sex. I mean really, I rivaled Heidi Klum out there! Or not. Totally worth it though.

Like I promised, I listened to country on today's run. Okay, more like rop/rock with a slight southern twang.

Here's what I heard:
Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
Stars Tonight - Lady Antebellum
Summer Girl - Jessica Andrews
My Life Again - The McCloymonts
That Song In My Head - Julianne Hough
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard

It made me miss the south a LOT. Partly because I know that it's 70 degrees and sunny in Memphis right now, and also because all of my friends are just DAYS away from being done with school for the summer.

Okay, I'm about to head out for the day. Hopefully the rain holds off and the sun comes out so we can get outside and play!

(ps. The picture is actually of a postcard! Made by Paper Pastries, and there a ton of other cute city- and state-love themed things in the shop. I'm sensing a shopping spree coming on.)