Monday, April 26, 2010

All aboard the failboat.

Okay, so I haven't been writing. I'm sorry. I promise the relationship hasn't fizzled out entirely! I've had a hard time finding motivation to get my work done, much less write for fun these days.

However, I am disappointed in myself (just a little bit!) that A - it took me like 2 hours to come up with my new blog name and I haven't been keeping it sassy at all! and B - My first blog lasted much longer than this one. I need to breathe some life back into this ASAP!

I think from here on out I want KIS to be dedicated to my running. Why?

  • I'm always reading running blogs.
  • I love love LOVE any gadget or gizmo related to running, so I can talk about those here!
  • I've heard countless times how important it is to log your runs so you can look back and watch for trends.
  • The running community is inspiring, can I get in on that please? (Do y'all haze? Uh oh!)
  • Because none of my friends run, I have to resort to the internet. :)
  • And finally, I've tried to 'be a runner' probably 5 times now, and I just can't keep going. Last time was my most successful, I actually finished Couch to 5K and ran my very first race! And then, of course, I fizzled out (come on, it was Christmas time!) and ate a lot and started lifting weights instead of running. So obviously, I need to learn to pace myself, not get discouraged, and to keep up with it when things get tough!

Convinced yet? I think I am! When I was writing my first blog, I always felt guilty if I did a bunch of running posts in a row. Now I have no excuse!

Okay, off to do my FIRST run in a LONG time!