Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is HERE.

It's official, we've reached summer! I've officially turned in my very last assignment of my senior year and I leave in less than a week for graduation. I'm not sure I'm ready for the real world!

Here's a peek at today's forecast...

(click to make bigger!)

Oh my goodness, it's HOT! I'm really not used to weather like this anymore and those 70 degree Oregon summer days don't seem so bad in comparison. The humidity hasn't been too bad but I'm sure that will catch up with us soon!

How else can I tell it's summer? I've started waking up around 7:30 every morning. Doesn't matter what time I fall asleep or what time my alarm's set for or if I shut my blinds -- I've woken up at exactly 7:28 every day this week. I'm okay with that though, it's so much easier to be productive when you wake up early!

Fingers crossed for a weekend full of painting furniture, fro-yo, outdoor concerts and cookouts.

Keep an eye out for another book post later today.