Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Reads: It's that time again!

Last summer I created a challenge for myself and I did lots of reading (28 books, to be exact!) and I talked about a few of the books here on the blog. As school started again at the end of September I slowed down and didn't read quite as many 'fun' books during my fall quarter, but I made sure to check a few off my list.

After totaling up all the books I'd added to my read in 2010 shelf last year on Goodreads, the grand total came in at 50. Crazy, right? I wasn't expecting a number that high!

Now, I'm not really one to make resolutions on January 1st --much less stick with them -- but when I saw that Goodreads was hosting a 2011 Reading Challenge I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. So I upped the ante to 52 books for this year and I'm almost halfway done!

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Natalie has

read 22 books toward her goal of 52 books.


Okay, I'm less than halfway but I'm one book ahead of schedule so I count that as a success.

What are you reading right now? Do you like to set goals for yourself or do you just read? I definitely used to read at random, and during the school year that usually meant I never read for fun, but I've really enjoyed having goals to meet each month!