Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cookie Fail.

Here are a few cookie pictures from last week. I had grand plans for these cookies, but with the craziness of moving and getting sick, most of these remained unfinished. That didn't stop us from eating them though! Even though I'd call this a cookie fail, I won't let it stop me from trying again soon.

For next time:

  • I need to try a different kind of icing! The recipe I've been using is really easy to make, but I think it's time to venture into Royal Icing territory. I may not have a fancy Kitchen-Aid mixer, and I've definitely never successfully accomplished 'stiff peaks', but it's time to move up in the icing world. That should help with the uneven texture problems and the bubbles, both of which are pretty obvious with these cookies.
  • Maybe a different dough? My circles spread quite a bit in the oven, and they ended up different sizes. I rolled everything out pretty evenly, so I'm not sure what caused that issue.
Before I did anything, I mapped out a plan of the different designs I wanted to do.
I only managed to decorate the regular circle cookies, so the scalloped designs will have to wait until next time.

Operation Cookie Headquarters - complete with laptop for entertainment.

Here are a few. You can see the unevenness of the white base, and the airbubbles.
The weird looking cookie on the top right was my attempt at brush embroidery. Great idea in theory, but it just didn't work with my icing. I needed something thicker and more substancial, this was too transparent and goopy.

My first attempt at actual writing on cookies. Not too bad, I'd say!
Obviously I didn't follow my plan too closely, but hey, I'm the boss.

I think I enjoy making realistic cookies more than artistic cookies. I thought these would be easy, but I had a hard time! All in all, the experiment was a fun one even if things didn't turn out quite as planned. Thank goodness I wasn't making these for anything or anyone in particular!

I haven't unpacked any of my cookie stuff yet, but I'm hoping to make some cookies soon now that I'm home and almost over the cold of death. Maybe for my dad's birthday on the 21st?

Have you done any baking recently? I love to see pictures and recipes!


Amanda said...

Girl... you should see my first attempts at deorating... wowser! You are miles ahead of me. :)

What recipe are you using? It looks like royal icing...(for the icing) why dont you like it? (just asking)


Natalie @ Keep It Sassy said...

Hi Amanda! Aw, thank you! I ate all the truly bad ones though! haha :)

I'm actually using a basic sugar cookie icing recipe that Pam from Cookie Crazie uses. I like how it dries somewhat shiny and it's pretty resilient when it comes to stacking, but I find it to be a little bit thin and I've had a lot of problems with the air bubbles. I'm thinking maybe I need something a little fancier? Who knows, maybe the issues are all me!