Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Couch to 5...oh screw it.

I'll be upfront. I ran. I got tired and bored and cranky. I stopped and lifted weights instead. The end.

Okay, okay.

Yesterday was gross and rainy - surprise! - so I went to the gym instead of suiting up for inclement weather.
Quick treadmill workout. 

Car Crash - Marr Nathanson
Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls
The LIttle Things - Colbie Calliet
Pretty Girls - Wale ft. Gucci Mane
Hyyerr - Kid Cudi ft. Chip Tha Ripper
Brooklyn Girls - Charles Hamilton
Obviously you can see I was struggling with this 'easy' workout. You know it's bad when I switch from the 'chill' music to my hip hop and rap.

I wanted to run for 25 minutes, but that obviously didn't happen. Instead, I hopped off the treadmill and pumped some iron! Ha, for the first time in a long time I was at the gym around 6:30 pm instead of 10 pm. Lots and lots of guys working out, and very few girls! I always feel a little weird being one of two or three girls lifting weights along with twenty guys.

After I did some bench-pressing and lat-pulldown-ing I reverted right back to my old (good) habits and did my abs super-circuit. I felt great and the time flew by, which is not something that typically happens while I'm running.

I want running to by my sport. I want to run a half-marathon or a 10k, but I also want to have fun doing those things. When it comes to running, I enjoy everything except for the actual act of putting one foot in front of the other and moving. Yeah, definitely not a good sign. When are these endorphins supposed to kick in? Isn't this an addictive sport? Yikes!

SO. I have a 5k scheduled for the 4th week of June. I'm still going to be running that, and training for that, and hopefully I find the fun in running again! Yesterday's workout didn't follow the C25K plan, and I'm going to try to run for distance rather than time for the next few work-outs.

In other (cookie-related and nail-related) news...
Time for cookies again! Popsicles, in honor of summer!

And bows! In honor of...bows!

And a question for you: what's your workout of choice? If you had to choose one word to describe how it makes you feel, what would it be?