Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home again, home again

I'm finally home and it feels so good.

Friday morning was spent shopping for Dayquil and finishing up last minute packing. My parents drove up from Oregon that afternoon and as soon as they got to school we started packing up the car! My mom is the queen of Tetris Car Packing, and even though my dad was absolutely convinced that I had too much stuff for both of our cars, she managed to fit about 85% of my stuff into their tiny little Scion Xb.

After we'd loaded up the cars, I had to finish cleaning my bedroom so I could check-out. The whole day had been going really well, there were no fights with mom, and the Dayquil hadn't worn off so I felt almost normal, and there had been absolutely no rain. Perfect moving day, right? Almost.

The bed in my room is adjustable, and at the beginning of the year I had asked the RA helping me move in to raise it all the way to the top of the bedframe so I could put my dresser underneath. Now that the year's over, I had to put the bed back to it's normal position before I moved out. My dad was helping me and we were having a lot of trouble getting the metal part of the bed out of the wooden legs. At one point we had the whole back end free, so we propped that up on the legs of the bed so we could try to get the front out.

I was helping hold everything up, and as my dad yanked on the front corner, the back legs fell from the jostle and the entire bed collapsed. Right onto my foot. 

Ouch ouch ouch! I thought I had broken my foot. Definitely a 9 on the 1-10 scale of pain. Luckily I had been wearing sneakers instead of flip-flops, or else I think it would have been a lot worse. Walking on it was almost impossible, and I was scared to take my shoe off and look! My dad had reserved a hotel in town for Friday night just in case we needed to come back to campus the next day to finish cleaning or packing up the cars, so we headed there right after I checked-out of my apartment. Everything was swollen and there was a pretty big lump on the top inside of my foot.

Today's Sunday, so it's about 2 days after that happened. My foot looks fine. Wait, what? No bruises! There's still a little swelling, and a small circle of redness, but that's about it. Walking feels much better, but sleeping is still uncomfortable. I think I must kick myself in my sleep! I don't have too much pain from it unless I touch the top of my foot, and I can feel some lumps underneath the swelling.

I wanted to wait on getting an x-ray, and with how well it's been healing I might not even need one now. I'll probably still see a doctor this week though, and if it stops improving I'll definitely get an x-ray pronto.

So I guess the big question is, what about running? I have no idea. If I really do have a fractured or broken foot, obviously running is off the table for now. If it's just a bone bruise or something like that, then maybe I'll be back in my sneakers sooner. Right now, everything is pretty up in the air.

Now that my cold's almost gone, I want to get out there and run! I have new music! I bought new socks!

I'll keep everyone updated on the status of my foot, and hopefully it'll just be bruised and sore for a few days and then I'll be okay!