Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes a manicure

....looks better in your head! This is proof that I frequently encounter nail-fail.

This sounded like such a cute idea when I thought of it, but on my nails...yikes.

My other hand is dot-less and while I like that better, I'm not really a fan of the yellow in general. Almost looks like I dipped them in mustard! Yummmm - or not. 

(Also, I took this with my iPhone. I updated it over the weekend and apparently 3GS owners now have all of the features of the 4G? Including zoom and sharper pictures and bigger picture sizes, I guess! Who knew?)


Anonymous said...

you're totally right, the nails are cute except for the yellow! White tips would've looked super cute! Or maybe pink?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

haha on the mustard!

really really really? you would make me a fleur????/ eeks!

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'd love a DSLR but they are pricey. If there is a point and shoot camera out there that gives just as nice quality and detail as a DSLR then I'd love to know! Because I really just want bright and gorgeous detailed pictures!

Anonymous said...

You're so helpful :) Yeah I don't have much money but my birthday is coming up at the beginning of August, so I thought I'd do some research now and just see what cameras are out there and all. I do have photoshop but I don't really have the time to put in all my pictures and mess around with them.