Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Work, All Play

The pile of stuff I brought to school last September.
I'm pretty sure it's going to be at least double the size when I move out next week.

First thing first, I'd like to announce that I'm officially done with my junior year of college! Today was the very last class of the quarter, and we had a delicious potluck (I brought these) and did readings of our final pieces. I absolutely loved hearing everyone read, and it's seriously amazing to see and hear how much everyone's writing has changed and improved over the past ten weeks. I never thought I'd write for any other reason than school, and now here I am 50 pages in to what has now become a murder mystery! At risk of sounding like a cliche, the past 20 weeks of school may have changed my life. 

Moving on! The workouts.

Thursday night I passed on Zumba and instead did some running and weightlifting on my own. Today is Saturday, and it still takes me a good 45 seconds to sit down. Slowwwwwly and paaaaainfully. I can always tell when it's been a while for me. This morning I went for a quick run on the treadmill in hopes that it would help with the soreness, but I'm still at maybe an 8 out of 10. I know, I know. I stretched afterwards, but not enough. I drank water, but definitely not enough. The soreness is definitely worth it though, and I found that I enjoyed myself a lot more while I was doing walking lunges and deadlifts than I do during other workouts.

And the music? Honestly, nothing worth mentioning here! A lot of Kid Cudi and a lot of Lil Wane and a lot of B.O.B. Obviously being around all the boys at the gym has rubbed off on my musical tastes this week. I've gotta say, why wait for Jersey Shore to come back for the second season when you can just head to your local gym?

I have cookies and nail updates to share, too! I'll be back with those later.

Question for you...
What's the best (or most helpful) moving advice you've heard?