Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kissing Frogs

Have you ever found something that for no particular reason pulls you in? There's a feeling you can't shake. I know I know, I'm getting kind of woo-woo on you here.

This is my frog. I found him at the cutest, quirkiest store in Portland last summer. I saw him the instant I walked into the store and as I circled around looking at everything (this place is packed with all kinds of vintage jewelry, decor, clothes, everything), I kept coming back to him.

After my third pass, the young man working picked up the frog and thrust him into my arms. Take it, his juju is speaking to you, I can tell, he said. Juju? Speaking to me? I laughed, but carried around the heavy statue for the next 45 minutes as I browsed through the store.

He was right though, I couldn't leave without my little frog prince.

And lately, his juju has been at an all time high. He's been living in my bookcase and for some reason he'll catch my eye at random times throughout the day. I woke up last night and my eyes flew directly to the statue on the shelf. Weird! I'm being stalked by a frog! Wearing a crown!

I think this frog is trying to tell me something. Stay with me here! We've all heard of intuition, right? And how we should follow that little feeling in our stomach, even if it feels super crazy and out there? You know exactly what I mean!

And that's what I've been doing this week. And you know what, since I've listened to my frog prince crazy weird juju, some crazy things have happened. Crazy awesome things. Coincidence? Maybe. But I think mr. frog prince deserves a little bit of credit for this!

Instead of doing what I usually do (endless research, list-making and planning), I jumped headfirst into something. In a big way! And things are happening - good things! I'm enjoying this whole listening to your intuition thing.

And because this is a weird, scatter-brained post, here's today's current ring + manicure (from my iphone before class this morning!).

Coming soon:
- The final push before this weekend's 5k!
- Bedroom makeover
- Pretty pictures, we've had gorgeous weather!
- I don't know what else, I have a list of stuff somewhere. :)


MrsMis said...

Very cute nailpolish/ring combo! Did you try kissing that frog yet? Because it sounds like there may be serious prince potential there :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. That's why I liked emailing people because it showed their comment and my response, but then no one else on their blog can find me because I haven't left the comment on theirs. So complicated hah!

PS. your site is adorable!

Kristin said...

Love the frog!! how big is it?