Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vitamin C and Cookies

Happy Wednesday! (Almost typed Monday. Yikes.)

You know what Wednesday is, right? Hump day.

Who watched Glee last night?
If you ask me, which you didn't but I don't even care today, I thought the episode was eh okay. Definitely not what I would have expected for the season finale. Somehow is just felt too...normal? I didn't feel the tension! But I did like the songs, especially 'To Sir With Love'. And it was great to hear them sing Journey again! I rock out to 'Don't Stop Believin' in my car on a daily basis, so it'll be nice to have a few other Journey tunes for my car-aoke.
What'd you guys think? If I had to rate last night's episode, I'd probably give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

In Running news:
I was all prepared to run this morning, I had laid my clothes out last night and everything. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning feeling awful. My throat hurts so much I can't even swallow. I had been feeling a little under the weather the last few days, but I was just blaming my allergies! Sorry allergies, that wasn't nice of me. I'm not full-blown sick just yet, so maybe I can still nip it in the bud.

Last year in Tennessee, I got sick a whopping 10 times during the school year. TEN times. Like, that's ridiculous! My mom told me to stop kissing all the boys, but I can assure you (and her) that wasn't the cause!  In any case, those 10 times were miserable. Even with an IV's worth of Emergen-C at all times, I was still catching a cold as soon as I recovered from the last one. And then, I got the honest to goodness FLU during midterms. Super fun.

Anyway, since I've lived in Oregon and gone to school in Washington, I've been sick with a cold just once. Yep. One time! I guess it's two now though. As much as I'd love to postpone my final evaluation meeting, I can't. If only it had waited until tomorrow so I could say I survived the school year with near perfect health.

Long story short: I didn't run this morning! Booo. If I don't deteriorate through the day, I'll probably attempt a short run this afternoon. Maybe by then it won't be raining anymore, too.

Operation Cookie 4.0 is underway.

I stopped in at BB&B yesterday for another spatula, and this bucket was just calling my name. 

How could I let these cookie cutters continue on without a loving home?

What is this?
It looks kind of like a submarine. 

So. Excited. Cowboy boots! 
I may have squealed when I saw this one. Maybe just a little. Good thing no one else was home.

Last night I made my dough, rolled and cut 24 cookies, and mixed up my icing colors!
I'm not going to reveal details but here are two little tidbits:
  • White, red, and orange
  • Scalloped and regular circles

What, no crazy shapes? I know, I know. I wanted to make cowboy boots so badly, but I decided to stick with my original plan! Pictures soon!

In closing...
OPI's You Make Me Vroom 
(The perfect red creme, no shimmer, no streaks. It's also limited edition, apparently)

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MrsMis said...

Where did you get that gorgeous ring?!?!

Claire Marie said...

I felt the same way about Glee! It was cute and fun, but just not finale material... I don't know.

I think the first cookie cutter is a heart with an arrow through it... maybe?