Sunday, May 2, 2010

Also, a sale!

My mommy sent me a text today to let me know that Champion is having a huge sports bra sale! They have a TON of them on sale, and a lot of them are only $19.99.

I'm not gifted in the chest area, so I don't know too much first-hand about the importance of 360 degree support and all that fancy stuff, but I do really like their bras. Also, I saw a few tops on sale too.
Cute color, right? I have this one in (boring) black, and I love it. There aren't any seams or tags and the straps don't stick out from under the collars of my t-shirts and I can wear it with tank-tops. 

Is this not adorable?

Not a super huge fan of the color pictured, but they have it in hot pink! Would it be weird to wear an empire waist work-out top? I have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of shirts because they can either look really cute, or look like maternity wear.
One thing I absolutely like about this top is that it's not super form fitting which means it (hopefully) won't ride up while I'm running. Doesn't that drive you crazy? As much as I love my Nike tops they ALL ride up!

Okay, thought I'd let you all know about the sale so I don't have to be the only one going on a work-out clothes shopping spree. The truth is out! Too bad shorts aren't on sale! Oh, I take it back, I just found their $15 and under section. Somebody stop me!