Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couch to 5K - W6D1 - I ran. And I baked.

I said I would, so I did!

Just back from my first run of week six. Today's run consisted of: 5-3-8-3-5 (run/walk). This is my very last week of intervals! I don't even want to think about the next two weeks right now. Twenty minutes feels like a long time.

Temperature was 54 and cloudy, but I did see a little bit of sun as I finished my run. Even though I wanted to stop, I pushed myself through all of the running intervals, and I'm glad I did that. I'm working on this whole perseverance thing! Total distance (not counting warmup/cool down) was exactly 2 miles.

And today's music:

  • Magic - B.O.B. ft. Rivers Cuomo
  • Don't Let Me Fall - B.O.B.
  • Crossroads - John Mayer
  • Desperately Wanting - Better Than Ezra
  • Assassin - John Mayer
  • The Kids - B.O.B. ft. Janelle Monae
  • Come Original - 311
  • Hit The Ground Runnin' - Keith Urban
Kind of a weird mixture of genres, but it worked for me! 

Finally, two cookie pictures! They're from my iPhone so they're not the prettiest, but I couldn't wait to show them off. :)
L- My second attempt at outlining with a piping bag. (You don't want to see my first try! And I ate it.)
R- Check it out, I can draw even lines!

Not the prettiest picture at ALL, but this is some of my progress so far. 
I wanted to let everything dry so I could try out some more techniques today.

Definitely not as pretty as the cookie blogs out there, but I have to remind myself this is the first time I've made cookie cutter cookies without crying! Haha! What can I say? I'm a perfectionist. For years the only kind of cookie I would make were the kind you drop right onto the pan. And now I love rolling and cutting. Go figure!