Friday, May 7, 2010

Couch to 5K - W4D2 - YES, really!

I diiiiid it! I diiiiiid it! It was 53 degrees and SUNNY and I ran outside and I loved it!

For some reason I also decided I would run up (and back down) 3 hills, which may not have been my brightest idea considering I'll be running again tomorrow, but hey! It was fun.

We're supposed to FINALLY hit the mid to upper 60s this weekend and into next week. Spring, is that you? Are you here to stay? I hope so! We've had enough crazy weather (hail storms!) in May already.

The tunes for today included:

  • Mercy
  • Gives You Hell
  • 4 Minutes
  • Express Yourself
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On
  • Hair/Crazy In Love (I've officially decided I hate this one.)
  • Sweet Caroline
  • No Air
  • Don't Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl (My favorite song from the 1st half of the season!
Yes, ALL from Glee! 

Now, I have to be honest here. I loved the pilot episode. I loved the first few episodes. And then things went downhill. This article points out a few of the issues the show's facing right now, which I couldn't agree with more. My parents watch the show, and my dad told me last night that they fast-forward (or bloop-bloop, as my mom calls it) through everything but the songs. Sadface!

Hopefully it's just a case of the show and the writers needing to find their legs again, and things will pick back up to how they were before. 

Tomorrow I'll be doing day 3 of week four and then enjoying the beautiful weather!