Saturday, May 22, 2010

Couch to 5K - W6D2

Took a break from my cookies for a run! I headed downtown this morning, which was a nice change of pace. I don't have a GPS or anything, but I could tell ran a lot faster than I usually do. Maybe because I had a lot more to look at? This route was definitely a lot more interesting and stimulating than the one I usually run.

Our weather hasn't been great at all this past week, but the rain held off until I finished. 52 degrees and very cloudy. I tried out the new Champion top I posted about a few weeks ago. Even though it took forever and a day to get here, it totally redeemed itself this morning! Super cute and comfy.

Music: Girl Talk!

  • In Step
  • Give Me A Beat
  • Shut The Club Down
  • Don't Stop
  • Play Your Part (part 1)
  • Here's The Thing
  • Hands In The Air

Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros are probably my favorite songs for when I just want to run with a beat. I seriously can't get enough of mash-ups either. If only I had those skills!

Other random tidbits:
  • I'm about 95% done with my second batch of decorated cookies. This was my 'trial run' for the designs I want to do for the end-of-the-year potluck my class is having. They turned out pretty well, and I think instead of eating all of them I'll bring all 28 of them home to my parents! 
  • Iced coffee is still my addiction. Recently I discovered that World Market carries mini bottles of Torani syrup. UM. Awesome! I bought the raspberry this morning, and I'm drinking a raspberry iced coffee right now. So delicious. I have a bottle of International Delight coffee creamer in the fridge, but for some reason I don't think it's as flavorful as the syrups are. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  • radio is almost as good as Pandora, if anyone's looking for an alternative. I've been using since 2007, and I love to look at the charts of my top artists and songs! 
Hope everyone's having a great weekend!