Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couch to 5K - W5D2

Week 5 is halfway done. Not only is it Wednesday (finally), but I only have one more run left this week!

Today's run:

  • 52 degrees
  • SUNNY. Must find a cooler hat to wear. 
  • 2+ miles. I have no idea how far I ran exactly, but it was at least 2 miles.
  • The first 8 minutes were cool. The walking break was wonderful. The next 5 minutes were okay. The last 3 minutes were hell. 
  • I only walked when I was 'allowed'. I considered skipping out on the last 3 minutes since it was all uphill, but I stuck it out.
  • When I say I ran today, I mean I shuffled slowly.
  • My knees hurt. :(
All things considered, I'm really proud of how well week 5 has gone so far. It hasn't been easy at all, but I've been getting though it! I don't want to talk about Friday's 20 minute run. That may be small potatoes to many runners, but for this girl it's going to be tough!

Music was all over the place today: (Click to listen on Youtube.)

I've got LOTS of writing to do for class tonight, a bunch of research to finish for a meeting on Thursday, classes to register for, a 20-page draft to write by Saturday, and some more workouts coming up! What a busy week it's been, but I only have 24 days left of school! Yes, I'm counting.