Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Couch to 5K - W4D2 or not.

Hey y'all. This morning's run did not happen. Not because I was sick or injured, and it definitely wasn't snowing or hailing or anything like that. It just didn't happen.

Excuses: Lack of sleep, dehydration, too much Applebees, the creative writing revision that's due by 6pm tonight.

But hey, that's life! I'll be moving day 2 to Friday, and then I'll do day 3 on either Saturday or Sunday. So it's okay. :)

Instead of heading outside this morning (46 degrees, getting warmer!) I headed to Starbucks to pick up a little something special.

Ohhh yeah. See that cup? It's resuable. See that straw? That's reusable too. I'm in love! It's a travel cup, but it LOOKS like a Starbucks cup.

Um yeah, so I'm pretty easy to please. The first time I saw this cup was last spring when Danica mentioned it on her blog. (Sidebar - her blog was the first running blog I stumbled across, and it's also what got me started!) I knew I had to have it, but apparently I was the last person in Los Angeles to find out they existed. So naturally everywhere was sold out.

But this year...I got lucky! Thanks to J, who reminded me that these exist and that I needed to get my booty into the 'bucks to get one pronto. Yeah, I called it the 'bucks. I'm cool.

So instead of running, I will be doing this:

And then I will be doing a lot of frantic revising for my 20 pages that are due tonight, a lot of reading of the ELEVEN HUNDRED page book that I need to finish very soon, and a lot of Cinco de Mayo celebrating after class tonight!

Also, Diana left a comment asking for some more deets about my C25K journey, so watch out for a post on that soon!